How to use mobile app contests to promote business development and cross selling

Did you know that over 90% of apps are downloaded once, then not used again?  That fact bothers me.

We have technology that enables us to BUILD relationships.  Look at the use of Linked In and internal social sites for business development.   Look at our ability to schedule tasks, and calendar priorities, and key performance indicators…  However, lazy people complain about the accountability of Salesforce or any Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.  Or they may complain that investing in technology is like investing in a money black hole, where the value is indistinct and endless.  That fear bothers me.

We use technology to build relationships.


Image of apps on any device with a browser

Image of apps on any device with a browser


Last week I met with2 attorneys tasked with generating $1.5MM annually for their  firm.  They stated, “The #1 priority for us is business development.  We talk about cross-selling.  But we rarely do it.”  Like any firm with specialized skills, they track billable time (BT) and working time (WT).

I asked, “How valuable would it be for you to develop new business with your existing clients in other practice groups throughout the firm?”

They said, “Invaluable.  If you can help us develop new business you will solve a massive problem.”

During lunch, I shared an app that I had created for them.  They downloaded it immediately.  Their comments were like popcorn:  “This is a no brainer.  We can start with our practice group.  Imagine monthly business development workshops at the larger offices.  Teams of 3-4 pay $100 to play for the day in a business development contest.  Each team member must be in a different practice group.   Corporate finance will be forced to talk with real estate, or environmental, or product liability.  Those teams will upload content throughout the day.  And answer questions based on a client case study.  And populate or CRM system on Sharepoint.  And then at 4:00 we will score the teams on a question like “Which of these teams is most likely to generate new business for our firm?”  Recurring monthly business development workshops.  Facilitators in the conference room for scheduled BD sessions.  Technology designed to build relationships.”

What is the value to you and your company?  $500,000 in new services?  $1MM?  More?

We provide business development consulting expertise, and customized technology that forces your team to use technology to build relationships.

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How can I sell more to new customers?

I do not know the answer for you.  Yet.


I do know the answer for hundreds of other business leaders.  Since 1997 I have consulted and coached business leaders in manufacturing, health care, education, HR, safety, technology, finance and accounting.  I have guaranteed results for clients ranging from executive teams at F500 companies to small business owners struggling to make ends meet.


I do know the process.  I do know what works.


It costs much more money, time, and energy to attract new customers than it does to upsell to existing customers.  That is a fact.  Expenses vary from 2-7x the cost of upselling an existing customer.  Acquisition costs can be reduced when we work together.


You will need to 1) define the problems, 2) provide solutions, 3) model accountability.  I call this the 3A Coaching Process.


You are probably struggling with the following challenges:

  • people challenges
  • strategy challenges
  • execution challenges
  • cash and financial challenges


Typically, I define the problems using organizational and individual assessments.  I determine where you are making money.  And where you are losing money.  I determine how you need to present solutions to your target markets.


Then I provide a host of best-in-class solutions for you to sell more to your potential new  customers.  They must learn about you.  You must provide tremendous value.  (This website is an example.)  When your prospects receive tremendous value, then they will be inclined to purchase your products and services.


Then we model accountability so that you move beyond good intentions.  We want you to sell more services.


We have hundreds of executive consultants and behavioral coaches, with expertise in sales, so we can help you immediately.


Call Doug Gray, PCC, at 704.995.6647 or contact us to help you sell more of your services to your existing customers.  Schedule your initial consultation here.

What are you waiting for?

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Are you a GOMO?

GOMO stands for Going Through the Motions.

Some 70% of workers are dissatisfied with their jobs.

Some 50% of marriages end in divorce.

Some 20% of people make a living doing what they love… Huh?  Yes, it is possible.  Here are two stories.

1.  One of my clients, Matt, co-founded an IT company that provided a unique service.  Over 10 years they were acquired by 3 companies.  Matt was the principal architect of the software.  But he was getting restless.  His young family was not happy in the D.C. metro.  He was tired of being a GOMO.  We had worked together 6 years previously.  So he re-hired me to explore “what’s next?”  He realized that several of the executives on their team were working remotely.  In short, he could live anywhere.  So within 4 months he relocated to Colorado.  And he re-designed how he managed his product development team.  That process occurred in months, not years…

2.  Another client, Allen, had been an HR manager for many years, but he aspired to be a global talent director of a nearby F500 company.  We met at a Vistage International meeting.  Shortly thereafter he realized that he could not imagine staying at his current employer.  He felt trapped.  There was no evident career ladder.  He struggled each day, and hated the fact that he called himself a GOMO.  So we explored options.  He did not want to move.  His divorced wife, and their children, were nearby.  So he designed a virtual talent recruitment program, using former HR colleagues who wanted to work from home.  He built the system and sold services to F500 clients.  In short, he developed and moved into his dream job.

So how about you?  Are you feeling stuck as a GOMO?

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There is no wisdom in waiting.