How to use your Ultradian Rhythm for success

You probably know the phrase “circadian rhythm.”   The patterns that occur in time and space as a result of the sun’s orbital pull upon the earth.  Circadian rhythms lead to the seasons, day/night, and lunar rhythms.  Lunar rhythms affect human behavior, with well documented patterns from suicides and violence to marriage proposals.  All based on the planets.

Ultradian rhythm is no less significant.  Read Tony Schwartz.

Ultradian Rhythms are the 90-minute periods of intense, focused activity that sustain us.  These are the bursts of intellectual and emotional energy we bring to tasks.  As the American work force becomes more outsourced, and self-driven, talented people like you need to focus on the following:

1.  What are the conditions that make me most productive?  (time of day, setting, food, drink, noise, smell, interruptions…)

2.  What are the most important tasks that will lead to money?  (client requests, proven value, most demanding tasks…)

3.  What can I do to create the most value? (for buying agents, for prospects, for clients…)

You can be 100% focused for up to 90 minutes.  And then you can take a break.  All muscles expand and contract.  All mammals exhale and inhale.  You can take a cosmic inhale.  You can work without interruption in your preferred conditions.  You can re-design your working conditions.  You can manage your self-energy.

So, what is holding you back?  Those old patterns are rubbish.  Call me.

You can adopt ultradian rhythm into your work day.  I have done so for years.