How to use Slideshare to promote your business is a library of free presentations from “expert contributors.” Once you contribute, you are then an expert. De facto.

Spend some time poking around the search function. Note the variety of topics. Find your topic. Then imagine how you can add your expertise to the submissions already there. The following details may change at any time, so here you go.

I will use the example of “Emotional Intelligence” for two reasons, 1) I have given dozens of trainings to hundreds of business leaders using this content, and 2) I now have over 1,000 followers on slideshare. Check out

1. Create something of value. Use Powerpoint or Keynote. Make sure that it is original.

2. For images, do a search such as “image my subject area” or “image emotional intelligence.” Select an image that you like. Click on “view in original image.” Copy and edit as you see fit.

3. Edit the content. Your goal is to present yourself as a polished expert. Typos are inexcusable. Share your content with an audience or critical people. Incorporate their edits.

4. Create a channel at Give it a clever name. For instance, my channel is “Gray Matters” because my last name is Gray, and I wanted to be clever, as if the size of our brains actually matters. (Neural activity is what matters…) Consider how you want to promote your business… Then add a description to your company and a link to your homepage.

5. Upload your valuable content. Click the “Upload” button on the top of your page. Pretty simple. There are probably instructional tutorials on YouTube if needed.

6. Then SHARE your content with your clients. And post onto your blog. And share on ALL social media. Invite people to download and share. Create a contest and reward the person who shares your content with the most people…

7. Then ADD another valuable presentation. For instance, in 2010 I was asked to speak on “How to Move from Passion to Action” recently after publishing my book, Passionate Action; 5 Steps to Creating Extraordinary Success in Life and Work (2007). That SlideShare content is at

8. Then add another valuable presentation as your expertise expands. For instance, in 2013 I was recently asked to speak on business changes in the Affordable Care Act. That presentation led to a closed session event. And videos. The content is now at

Periodically, add value to your customers by linking to your SlideShare content so that they know your areas of expertise.