2 rules for Power, Sales and Greatness

Recently I read an article that inspired me to share these 2 rules:

1. Never give power away to an event that has not yet occurred.   Humans are motivated by fear and greed, as well as faith and service. When I am slow to call a sales prospect, I am giving away my power. When I am slow to develop a new project, I am giving away my power.  Fear leads to fright, freeze, or flight.  (Those 3 ancient responses that humans share with all mammals…) Instead, I can choose to be fearless.  To live in faith toward serving others.  Why would I ever give away my power?

2. Get great.   Many people talk about great figures in history, as if familiarity is a reflection of greatness.  Some were my professors and colleagues.  That is B.S.  I have met hundreds of leadership coaches and speakers. Few of them are great people. I have had hundreds of teachers from all walks of life.  Few of them are great people.  The only purpose of human life is to get great.  Nothing else matters.  I can get great at serving others.  I can get great at loving my family.  I can get great at purposeful work.  I can get great in countless ways… Action leads to learning.

So, some coaching questions are:

1.  “How are you choosing to be fearless?”

2. ” What are you doing to get great?”

Then share your answers with an accountability partner.  If you are stuck, hire a great coach.  Today.

Last week I met a great writer.  He opened with, “Frankly, I am the best copy editor I have ever met.”  He sells fiction online.  And writes corporate copy.  And has never done anything else… He is great.  Call me if you need a great writer named Patrick.

What do you think others are saying about you and your work?