Profits are better than wages

Jim Rohn, the great business consultant and philosopher, tells a story about his childhood.  You may like this story…

As a boy Jim learned that he had two choices:

1.  He could work for others and earn a wage.  As an employee.  For as long as he was able.

2.  Or, he could develop himself and his team, and earn a profit.  As a small business owner.  And earn profits.  For as long as he was able.

He could have learned about these choices at any age.  He could have been your age when he learned about them.  Jim quickly realized that earning a profit would lead to wealth.  He embraced choice #2.  Here are some reasons why you should do the same:

Personal development leads to wealth.

Self education leads to wealth.

Professional development leads to wealth.

The small business owner with the strongest team is the wealthiest…

Professional coaching and consulting with me is guaranteed to help you make profits.

And profits are better than wages.

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