Doug Gray, the Passionate Action guy

Fact:  We all aspire to be a superhero

Fact:  I have written a book with a purple cover called “Passionate Actiuon: 5 Steps to Creating Success in Life and Work” (2007)

Fact:  There is no sex in the book.  Sorry.

So what does it mean to be the Passionate Action guy?

1.  Passions are expressions of strong emotion.  They help us create.  Passions lead to something else.  Think of any relationship– there are passionate impulses at the start, yet relationships are hard to maintain over time.  Think of any business- there is a passionate focus at the start- yet it is hard to maintain most businesses over time.  Sparks start fires.  But they do not maintain fires.

2.  Actions require focused accountability.  Nothing sexy involved.  Daily habits lead to results.  Make your sales.  Focus on delivery.

This is HOW I help my clients make money and serve others.  Call me at 704.895.6479 for details.

My experience is that we create success when 1) luck meets 2) prepared opportunity.

In that formula, the only thing I can control is preparation.  And so I continue, day after day, year after year.  Since 1997.

Success starts with the physical actions.  Like running and yoga stretching.  Like daily calls to prospects.  Like KPIs.

So why wait?  Call me at 704.895.6479 with your story.

Most of us need a little more passionate action in our lives.




Audio: Passionate Actions define human evolution


Yes, I am serious. Listen to this audio.

Consider how many people you know who have ignored their health, or made poor choices about their partner, or refused to relocate, or let a character trait such as stubbornness prevent them from some desire.

Now consider how many people you know who have chosen to define their values, develop daily habits to reinforce those passions, or chosen to serve thousands of others.

Passionate Actions define us.  Just as you choose to take care of your aging parents, or call that friend, or exceed your client’s expectations, or regularly exercise, your passions define your individual actions.

Passionate Actions also define us as a species.

Consider what happens when we build a business, commit to a relationship, care for others, develop long term friendships, congratulate a colleague, show kindness, speak positively about others…. Ultimately, we are choosing constructive acts for our species.

There is plenty of fear in the world.  And we can choose to polarize and divide (e.g. select any blog RE: political, ethnic, cultural, social, economic debates…)  We can choose fear.  Or we can choose passions.

You can make anabolic, constructive choices to live serving others.

What are you choosing to do?