How to increase your sales

Too many “sales experts” have fuzzy theory and fuzzy results.

Here is a template that I have developed over time.  It works great.  Steal this template.  Call me for details if needed.


  1. Accountability is a hard task.  Most people hate it.  Most salespeople really hate it.  Most software, like Salesforce or Act or the latest app, is a pain to use.   You can use this excel spreadsheet, or a pad of paper.  Start now.
  2. Accountability determines success.  The three top words in sales are “relationships, relationships, relationships.”  Use the attached format to build relationships, be strategic, provide value.  Or not.
  3. These 4 roles determine sales:  champions, economic buyer, technical users, consumers.  You need all 4.  Complex sales evolve.  They only succeed when you focus on all 4 roles.
  4. All successful sales people have accountability metrics and teams.  Do you?

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